Her er mit første blogindlæg og i denne omgang følte jeg mig inspireret til at kanalisere en besked fra den åndelige mester Kryon. Jeg bad ham om, at give en kort besked om den nye tid børn, og her er hans svar:

Greatings dear ones, I am Kryon, of Magnetic Service.


The challenge is to create a stability towards childen with higher vibrations. Since they operate on a quantum frequenze you must be able to go there, or a least have an acceptance of this to get close to them. The respect of the individual is what will stabilize them and they will feel that your intensions are coming from a place of goodness. The source you share is the same, and they know this, but they also know that your frequencies can effect them negatively. The pattern of the old energy is to lay everthing on others and to reject responsability. These new children will not have that. They will not take your blame, shame or bad feelings of any kind. They are closer to the source and that makes them strong enough to stay in their own vibration.


This will have an effect on all systems of the earth. These children will very soon grow up to be teachers and then they will be the ones that change the schoolsystems. Sources like facebook and twitter are ment to help them evolve into a single humanistic paradigme. A paradigme were all are connected and sharing their inner most secret actions and emotions. This will be an authentic way to be. Further down the lane it will open doors to things you can only imagine. You will get even further connected to worlds that for this moment in time are out of reach, but they won't be for long.


So how do I talk to these children Kryon? Well the answer is easy: don't try to hard, just be still and LOVE GOD. Then the answers will form right there in the present moment. When you think about it the problems occours when you are rationalizing, but with these kids you cannot rationalize, because they are in a quantum state, ha, ha.


Imagine, in front of you, a blue sky. On the left side you see a road forming and going horizontally into the sky. From the right side another road is forming and also going horizontally into the sky. In this picture you will be trying to connect the two roads, but the only problem is that the second road lies sigtly above the first road. They come towards each other but when they are closest together they go straight past eachother. No matter what you do, the two roads lie in different vibrational lanes and cannot be connected.

This metaphor is ment to help you understand that two different vibration will have a hard time understanding eachother. You must have discovered the energies for yourself to understand them. Therefore a total acceptance of the child, will free the situation. When you love God, you are closest. Your child will know this and this will calm him/her. Dont try to understand everthing, just LOVE GOD.



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26.07 | 12:51

Hej Marie Louise

Jeg har søgt mange steder efter dig, da jeg gerne vil i kontakt med dig. Jeg ved ikke om denne vej virker, men nu prøver jeg.

Mvh. Søren

08.03 | 17:46

To ekstremt gode børnehaver i Fredensborg er: Skovlyset og Friheden. <3

08.03 | 17:45

Kære Ingrid. Tusinde TAK for din søde besked. Det varmer mig dybt i hjertet. <3 Kh Marie Louise Delphina

07.03 | 18:23

Kære Marie Louise!
Jeg og vore tre små børn storelsker din fine bog! Tak tak tak 😘
Kender du en skole/ børnehave for stjernebørn i Nordsjælland?!
K.h. I & små

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